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Australian Capital Territory Accommodation

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory, Australia - ACT

The Australian Capital Territory is the smallest territory in Australia.  It is completely surrounded by New South Wales with a very small area on the Australian coastline with government holiday accommodation sites. The Australian Parliament is located in the Australian Capital Territory in Canberra. Canberra is the capital city of the Australian Capital Territories and is also the capital city of Australia. The Australian Capital Territories contains offices for many of the Australian government agencies and many other country embassies etc. There is also a small strip of territory around the southern end of the Beecroft Peninsula, near Jervis Bay, supporting holiday accommodation and relaxation for government personal. The Australian Capital Territory was specially designed and is very unique. Australian Parliament building in the centre and all roads fan out from the middle of Canberra.

The climate in the Australian Capital Territory is generally hot and dry in summer and cold in winter. Just west of the Australian Capital Territory border is the vast Snowy River hydro electricity scheme and the Snowy Mountains snow skiing areas with many luxury resorts supplying holiday accommodation deals. The main tourist attraction in the Australian Capital Territory is Parliament House and other landmark tourist attractions include The Australian War Memorial, The National Library of Australia, Black Mountain Tower and The Australian National University. The main industries in the Australian Capital Territory are government services and tourism. Tour operators have daily visit to places of interest in the Australian Capital Territory like Parliament House, Lake Burley Griffin, the National Sound and Archive and The Royal Australian Mint and other outer districts with tourist attractions.

 Accommodation is plentiful in Canberra and all around the Australian Capital Territory with luxury city hotels supplying business, leisure and holiday accommodation and live entertainment shows. International resorts offer romantic getaway 5 star luxury spa accommodation deals. Find hostels and cheap hotels with backpacker and nomad style accommodation places. All around the Australian Capital Territory is family holiday 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom apartment/unit accommodation sites and roadside hotels motels with overnight or weekend accommodation deals. There is plenty of wilderness areas in the Australian Capital Territory and some have eco friendly retreats with health and fitness type accommodation. Other eco friendly accommodation sites include health farms, remote farm stays, guesthouse accommodation and relaxing bed and breakfast cabins.

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