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Queensland Accommodation

Queensland Australia - QLD

Queesland AustraliaQueensland is a state on the north eastern side of Australia.  It is known as the Sunshine State.  It is bordered by the states of New South Wales to the south, South Australia to the south west and The Northern Territory to the west.  The eastern Queensland seaboard is scattered with many small islands and the world's largest coral formation - The Great Barrier Reef.  The Great Dividing Range runs north south along the eastern coastline of the state.  Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, and is the gateway for most overseas visitors into Queensland having both large International and Domestic airport facilities. Brisbane is situated on both sides of the beautiful Brisbane River in the south east corner of the state.  Many bridges and walkways over and around the river make easy access from the city to many of the surrounding inner suburbs.  Some of the walkways are very long and travel through parks, gardens and along cliff faces following the river banks. 

Queensland is a state of many contrasts from hot climate areas to cool regions, rainforests to desert-like areas and from large cities to small country towns. The major industries in Queensland include timber, farming, mining and tourism.  Some of the largest stations (farms) in Australia are located in Queensland's inland and far northern areas.  Away from the coast you can visit the farming area called The Darling Downs and partake of some of their excellent produce including wine and cheese.  Take a trip right out west to the town of Mount Isa and take a tour of the mine which is so well known.  Regional Queensland covers a vast area and has many unique and interesting sights to see and things to do, including a great number of National Parks, World Heritage sites and wildlife and rainforest reserves.

Queensland has some of the most sought after holiday destinations in Australia, including The Daintree, Port Douglas, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays, Sunshine Coast and the world renowned Gold Coast. Due to the great variation in towns and distances there are plenty of accommodation places available for the traveller including for those who wish to travel via campervan.  In the cities there are luxury 2,3,4,5 star accommodation places most with 24/7 room service and car parking.  There are also 2,3,4 bedroom apartment/unit accommodation places available for families or small groups.  In regional Queensland there are many roadside hotel/motel accommodation sites for people to stay at, whether for business or while touring the vast state.  There are also a great number of wilderness and eco friendly accommodation sites throughout the state.

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