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Hobart Holiday Accommodation

Holiday in Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart Holiday Accommodation Deals

About Hobart Holiday Accommodation

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania a large island south of mainland Australia though Tasmania is a state of Australia. Tasmania is seperated from Australia  by 240 kilometres of ocean water called the Bass Strait. Hobart is often called the gateway into Tasmania because Hobart has both  International Airport and large Domestic Airport facilities and is also has the major port / mariner facility in the Derwent River. Access into Hobart is only be air or water though Hobart and Tasmania have major road and highway networks. Hobart city is now a major tourist holiday destination and the starting point for many Tasmanian holiday ventures. People from mainland Australia often holiday in Hobart as the climate is much cooler in the summer months. Many holiday tourists come by ferry and bring their car and make Hobart the holiday base then travel all over Tasmania and returning to Hobart nightlyto enjoy great accommodation comforts. Hobart holidays often include snow skiing, wilderness treks, trout fishing or just relax and unwind in luxury Hobart holiday accommodation and watch aquatic events on the Derwent river.

Hobart holiday accommodation is plentyful, but can be hard to find at Christmas, New Year holiday season, Easter long weekend, school holidays and when the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is on. Hobart holiday accommodation deals include family 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom apartment accommodation sites, International 3, 4, 5, star luxury spa resort style holiday accommodation with fitness gym, heated pools, entertainment venues. All around Hobart city is backpacker and nomad holiday accommodation places like, guesthouses, hostels, cheap hotels motels and lodges etc. Hobart city area has hotel holiday apartments with city, mountain and river views. Holiday homes or house accommodation are available in most Hobart suburbs, beaches and coastal areas. Some of the best holiday accommodation is in Hobart city centre with luxury hotel accommodation suites for romantic couples getaways or honeymoon suites with heated spas unrestricted views and 24/7 room service.

Enjoy friendly Hobart holiday accommodation.

  • Hobart Holiday Accommodation Deals Online
  • Hobart Holiday Hotel Accommodation Rates Guide
Accommodation NamePrices fromRatingLocationMake a Booking
Sullivans Cove Apartments$450
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Sullivans Cove Apartments
Hadleys Orient Hotel$289
HOBARTMore Info on Hadleys Orient Hotel
Clydesdale Manor$149
 Self Rated
SANDY BAYMore Info on Clydesdale Manor
Hampden At Battery Point$139
 Self Rated
BATTERY POINTMore Info on Hampden At Battery Point
Lenna of Hobart$355
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Lenna of Hobart
Roxburgh House$165
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Roxburgh House
Salamanca Terraces$160
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Salamanca Terraces
The Last Villa$350
 Self Rated
SANDY BAYMore Info on The Last Villa
Zero Davey-Boutique Apartment Hotel$149
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Zero Davey-Boutique Apartment Hotel
Bay View Villas$159
WEST HOBARTMore Info on Bay View Villas
Best Western Hobart$139
HOBARTMore Info on Best Western Hobart
Foreshore Motel & Tavern Hobart$129
LAUDERDALEMore Info on Foreshore Motel & Tavern Hobart
Mayfair Plaza Motel$115
SANDY BAYMore Info on Mayfair Plaza Motel
Otago Cottage$140
OTAGOMore Info on Otago Cottage
St Ives Apartments$109
BATTERY POINTMore Info on St Ives Apartments
Amberley House$129
 Self Rated
SANDY BAYMore Info on Amberley House
Ashwood Apartments$135
 Self Rated
BELLERIVEMore Info on Ashwood Apartments
Beachview Bellerive$350
 Self Rated
BELLERIVEMore Info on Beachview Bellerive
Brighton Hotel Motel$135
 Self Rated
BRIGHTONMore Info on Brighton Hotel Motel
Cleburne Homestead$140
 Self Rated
RISDONMore Info on Cleburne Homestead
Cornwall Cottage Bed and Breakfast$120
 Self Rated
CAMBRIDGEMore Info on Cornwall Cottage Bed and Breakfast
Esplanade Villa$340
 Self Rated
LINDISFARNEMore Info on Esplanade Villa
Gattonside Heritage Accommodation$149
 Self Rated
BATTERY POINTMore Info on Gattonside Heritage Accommodation
Gregory House$119
 Self Rated
SANDY BAYMore Info on Gregory House
Grosvenor Court Apartments$99
 Self Rated
SANDY BAYMore Info on Grosvenor Court Apartments
Leisure Inn Woolmers Inn$142
 Self Rated
SANDY BAYMore Info on Leisure Inn Woolmers Inn
Moonah Central Apartments$250
 Self Rated
MOONAHMore Info on Moonah Central Apartments
Oakley Place Townhouse$265
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Oakley Place Townhouse
Possums Apartments$150
 Self Rated
LINDISFARNEMore Info on Possums Apartments
Quayside Cottages$320
 Self Rated
BELLERIVEMore Info on Quayside Cottages
Quest Savoy$160
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Quest Savoy
Quest Waterfront$329
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Quest Waterfront
Rosefield Bed and Breakfast$190
 Self Rated
KETTERINGMore Info on Rosefield Bed and Breakfast
Central Cafe Bar$120
HOBARTMore Info on Central Cafe Bar
City View Motel$140
MONTAGU BAYMore Info on City View Motel
Customs House Waterfront Hotel$145
HOBARTMore Info on Customs House Waterfront Hotel
Graham Apartments$156
NEW TOWNMore Info on Graham Apartments
Marquis Hotel$77
HOBARTMore Info on Marquis Hotel
Mayfair on Cavell$89
WEST HOBARTMore Info on Mayfair on Cavell
Rydges Hobart$340
HOBARTMore Info on Rydges Hobart
Channel Views$140
 Self Rated
KINGSTONMore Info on Channel Views
Leisure Inns Waterfront Lodge$79
 Self Rated
NEW TOWN BAYMore Info on Leisure Inns Waterfront Lodge
Quest Trinity House$239
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Quest Trinity House
Hobart Apartments$168
LUTANAMore Info on Hobart Apartments
Welcome Stranger Hotel$82
HOBARTMore Info on Welcome Stranger Hotel
Bendalls B&B Hobart$140
 Self Rated
NEW TOWNMore Info on Bendalls B&B Hobart
Globe Hotel$55
 Self Rated
HOBARTMore Info on Globe Hotel
The Waratah Hotel$280
 Self Rated
HOBART TASMore Info on The Waratah Hotel

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Your accommodation stay in Hobart Tasmania weather for business travel, a holiday or just for pleasure your stay in Hobart teeming with possibilities for fun and enjoyment to explore.


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